Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professionals like Engineers and other Consultants are ever exposed to legal suits due to the nature of their professions. Court cases against consultants in various fields have resulted in the awarding of huge sums of moneys to claimants. In view of which such professionals revert back to insurance companies for protection against legal battles .

We offer Professional Indemnity Policy which indemnifies the Insured in respect of the Insured’s legal liabilities for any Third Party Claim which meets the following requirements:

Any third party claim must:

1) Be for compensatory damages, such indemnity to include claimant’s cost and approved defence costs and expenses,

2) Be first made against the Insured during the policy period,

3) Be for bodily injury, material damage or construction damage arising from a negligent act, error or omission committed or alleged to have been committed or omitted (as the case may be) by the Insured during the policy period.

4) Arise out of the ordinary course of the performance of professional services by the insured,

5) Relate to a negligent act, negligent error or negligent omission which was or may have been or is alleged to have been committed or omitted (as the case may be)

The rate chargeable is always applied on basis on the limit of indemnity, turn over and the type of activities in which the insured is involved and is very dependent to the nature of works, risks and exposure involved. There is a Deductible for each and every loss in number of other Conditions.