Dream planning

Secure your future,save...

Planning your future is an important activity – it can be both exciting and demanding. Nothing in the future is guaranteed. Change is a reality and the plans for the coming years must be revised as your demands and expectations keep changing. Saving is a discipline.

Dream planning is usually used to meet:

  • Children’s college education
  • Wedding
  • Buying a house
  • Charity
  • Retirement and etc

But one thing is certain: you will be much better placed to meet the changing scenario if you get the optimal returns from your hard earned investments.

Risk Profile

Funds are clearly identified with a ‘risk profile’ grading to assist with important investment decisions. For example Grade 1 are funds offering conservative returns, Grade 2 are low risk funds offering security and potential growth, Grade 3 take a balanced approach, Grade 4 with more focused equity exposure with risk of short term and Grade 5 are more aggressive funds with higher volatility and growth.

Investment Choice

There are a wide variety of funds within a large spectrum of international and regional companies. You have complete freedom of choice when it comes to selection of funds in which you wish to invest. Further you are also at liberty to switch in and out of funds as often as you like as dictated by the dynamic market scenario. You have access to some of the world’s top performing funds managed by world class investment experts. The choice can include:

  • (a) International Managed Funds – that invest in a mix of international equities, fixed – interest securities, bonds and currencies.
  • (b) Specialist Funds – comprehensive range of US dollar and sterling specialist funds
  • (c) Euro Funds – Euro denominated funds covering equity, bond and fixed-interest investment vehicles.

Savings plans are designed to be flexible in terms of frequency, currency, ownership and period.

Performance Details

Performance details of funds are available online as well as published monthly and periodically through bulletins

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